About Us

aboutHatzalah of Baltimore is an independent, non-profit volunteer organization that has been providing emergency medical services to the citizens of Northwest Baltimore, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, since 2007. Our goal is to maximize patient survival and reduce morbidity and mortality, by providing immediate emergency medical care during those few precious minutes where immediate and proper care can mean the difference between life and death.

Currently, through an all-volunteer force of 30 emergency medical responders (EMTs and Paramedics) and 15 dispatchers, Hatzalah is able to arrive on-scene in less than 3 minutes. In 2007, our first year of operations, Hatzalah responded to 413 calls. As Hatzalah’s excellent reputation has spread throughout the community, each year, more calls are received. In 2012, Hatzalah responded to over 1200 calls. Since our inception, Hatzalah has never “missed” a response, or not been available to respond.

This is an outstanding achievement for any volunteer EMS organization.
Hatzalah responders are neighbors who live and work in the community. In addition to providing emergency care, these trusted faces can also be relied upon to coordinate patient care with area hospitals and doctors, serve as patient advocates, and offer family support. Hatzalah’s goal is to provide all aspects of emergency medical service. This includes the following programs:


EMERGENCY DISPATCH – 15 dispatchers, utilizing a computer-based emergency call line / telephone system with backup and failover capabilities, dispatch first responder units to the scene.


FIRST RESPONSE – the 2 units who are closest to the scene arrive from their locations in private vehicles with medical equipment. Our response team consists of 8 Paramedics and 22 EMTs.  


TRAINING CENTER – Our training center/simulation lab is where responders regularly practice their skills and attend bi-monthly lectures by leading medical experts from the community.


TRANSPORT – Licensed by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Systems, Hatzalah’s two advanced life support transport units and two basic life support units arrive on scene within minutes and deliver the patient to the nearest appropriate hospital.  Our 4 transport units give Hatzalah the capacity to handle 4 emergency calls — simultaneously.


RADIO COMMUNICATIONS – Responders & dispatchers utilize a private 2-way system including a dedicated communications tower with repeaters.  Our communications system allows responders to communicate directly with hospital base stations and specialty resource centers.