Hatzalah is proud to announce the purchase of  a new state of the art ambulance. We would like to thank our five family sponsors for making this purchase possible.  Each family has a unique reason that Hatzalah is meaningful to them personally. To demonstrate their passion for the Hatzalah cause, they generously donated to the purchase of a new ambulance to ensure that the memory of their loved ones would live on in this most meaningful way.


These are some thoughts and feelings of our ambulance sponsors, as they honor the memory of their loved ones:



Sholom Reches A”H:


Sholom’s stated mission in life was to help others. Beginning in his teenage years  as an EMT and Firefighter, Sholom spent every day on an ambulance or fire truck. He was a hero to everyone who had the privilege of crossing his path. It’s comforting to know that when people see help coming they will see Sholom’s name. Through the incredible organization that is Hatzalah and by way of this new, state of the art ambulance, Sholom Elozar Reches will still be synonymous with help and life saving care for years to come


Chavie Klein A”H:


Our family has always been appreciative of the work that Hatzalah does for the Baltimore community. Coming to our rescue when a fall on Shabbos afternoon required stitches, if one of us has an allergic reaction that needs a trip to the Emergency Room. There has never been a time that Hatzalah has not been quick to respond to a panicked phone call. 


In the years before we lost our beloved wife, mother, daughter and sister, Chavie Klein, we got to see the dedication of Hatzalah and its amazing volunteers up close. As Chavie’s illness progressed, Hatzalah was on our speed dial. They responded in minutes and always treated her with respect.


When presented with the opportunity of donating an ambulance in Chavie’s name, the answer was obvious. How could we not give back to an organization that had been there during the most difficult moments in our lives?


It is our hope that every time the sirens ring on this ambulance, the neshama of Chava bas HaRav Yitzchok Mordechai has an Aliyah. 


Benzion Heyman A”H:


Dr. Benzion Heyman was a caring and giving person who personified the Hatzalah mission of being there for every member of Klal Yisroel. His too-short life was spent giving to others and making a true Kiddush Hashem. His love for Eretz Yisroel, Klal Yisroel, and his family, was deep and meaningful. His giving nature lives on through his wonderful family and the many grandchildren and great-grandchildren who carry his name. As a family, we are thrilled to have this opportunity to recognize our father in this most befitting way. We know he is smiling down on us, proud of our commitment to the incredible Hatzalah mission.


Steven Schuman A”H:


When we were asked to sponsor a lifepak, we were happy to help. Having used Hatzalah in the past and knowing how critical they are to the community we decided we wanted to help. Our partners decided we would be willing to sponsor half the Lifepak as it is a very expensive piece of equipment. We all agreed except for Steve he said if Hatzalah needs this lifesaving piece of equipment we need to sponsor the whole thing, they don’t need half a defibrillator to save a life they need a whole one. This is yet one example of how generous and thoughtful Steve was. It is because of this that Pricebusters decided to not just send a token donation to Hatzalah but to partner with them in a meaningful way in memory of our partner, Steve.


 Leah and Reuben Friedman A”H

Julius Speert A”H

Nanette and Merril Lehman A”H:


Throughout their lives, our parents Leah and Reuben Friedman, Julius Speert and Nanette and Merrill Lehman were dedicated to the entire Jewish community through their communal efforts and Tzedakah.


Towards the end of Nanette and Merrill Lehman’s long lives, Hatzalah was always available when they needed to be evaluated and transferred to Sinai Hospital. These included difficult times for Hatzalah as several of these emergency calls took place just as Shabbos was emerging.


The essential role that Hatzalah plays in the Baltimore community is something that our parents would fully support. Our dedication of this ambulance to the Baltimore community honors their memories and their values.


As we near Rosh Hashana please join Hatzalah in wishing these dedicated selfless families and the rest of Klal Yisroel a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous year and a K’siva V’chasima Tova.


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